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My name is Matthew Smith. I help large and small businesses take the next step on their technology journey. Whether you are growing an online presence, building a mobile app, or moving to the cloud, I can help you get to the next step.

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Why Work with Me

From design to development, I have the skillset to guide your next project.

Design and UX

With 5+ years in design and formal training in Usability, I can help you tackle the design of your application and provide you direction on how to improve user experience and engagement.

Web Development

I excel at taking a design and bringing it to the web in the most efficient way possible.  My toolset includes Angular, NodeJS, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.  I specialize in component-based architecture.

Native Development

With a strong background in Android and iOS, I can help you take your app idea from concept to reality.  If you have a need for a native app, I can help guide you from design to implementation.

Cloud Expertise

The Cloud is a critical component of any modern application.  I take a serverless-first approach to web development and have a strong focus on scale and enabling the cost advantages of the cloud.

Recent Work

Check out some of my recent projects below.  Tap to visit site.

Fixture Website Builder

Fixture is the first content management solution to build sites completely in the cloud.  No servers needed. Learn more

Triangulate Web Design

Triangulate is a St. Louis Web Design and Development company focused on building fast, cloud-first websites.  Learn more

Max Power Wash Website

Powered by Fixture, Max Power Wash shows off the speed and beauty of sites built using our powerful CMS. Visit Site

Design Work

Check out some of my recent design work below.  Tap to enlarge image.

More about Me

My name is Matthew Smith.  I have over 15 years of professional experience in design and development.  I have been a professional developer, designer, researcher, and architect throughout the course of my career.  I am the author of an open source project called Respond CMS that has been used to build 1,000s of websites.  Most recently, I have focused my attention on a new tool called Fixture that aims to build a new generation of websites entirely in the cloud using serverless technology.  I have also started Triangulate to help bring St. Louis businesses to the cloud.  View my resume for a more detailed work history.