Hi, I am Matthew Smith. I build and design beautiful, easy-to-use software. Reach out at matt@matthewsmith.com.

My Projects



Respond is an open source, free content management system used to build fast, static websites. Respond is built with Lumen PHP, Angular 2, and static HTML. Respond enables the quick creation, editing, and management of static websites. Respond features a beautiful UI, a fantastic developer experience, and a robust feature set.



Prebuilt is a collection of free Bootstrap themes based on the beautiful themes from Respond. They can be used for prototyping future Respond sites or on their own as the base for a fast, static website.



Hashedit is a visual editor for the web. Hashedit enables in-place editing for static websites. With Hashedit you can add custom elements, reorder page elements using drag-and-drop, and adjust text properties. Hashedit powers Respond 6 and Hashedit Spark (coming late 2016).