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Career Summary

I began my IT career at LANIT consulting, a company of 12 people. This gave me a unique opportunity to be the sole developer on a large web application used by over 10,000 students, teachers, and facilitators. After three years at LANIT, I accepted an opportunity to follow one of my passions and work as a UI Developer for Enterprise Rent-A-Car. During my 10+ year career at Enterprise Holdings, I have served many roles from UI Developer to Interaction Designer and now Lead Architect for the Mobility R&D team. During that time, I earned an MBA from the University of Missouri—St. Louis and a certification in Human Computer Interaction from the University of Missouri S&T. I have become skilled at several programming languages and design tools. I combine this education with these tools to build beautiful, easy-to-use solutions that meet our business needs and exceed our customer’s expectations.

Work Experience

I have over 15 years of IT experience.  My career began in 2002 at LANIT Consulting in Columbia MO.  I have spent the last 13 years at Enterprise Holdings.

Lead Architect, Endpoint Computing, 2018-Present

Lead the deployment of infrastructure to support the large scale rollout of CCTV and Intrusion Alarm systems across our US branches.  Developed an automation strategy to facilitate the deployment of mobile assets to endpoint devices uses Jenkins Pipeline, Powershell, and the SOTI MobiControl API . 

Lead Architect, Mobility R&D, 2016-2018

Lead the evaluation and selection for the next generation RCI device, next generation tablet, and next generation Car Sales and Remarketing devices. Presented to and gained acceptance from high level leadership across the company. Built and maintained vendor relationships. Developed proof-of-concept Android and Web applications.

Lead UX Developer, Rental Clients, 2014-Present

Lead the design and user experience of the Launchpad suite of applications. Developed a prototyping tool to enable the rapid development and deployment of HTML-based prototypes. Successfully built prototypes for Launchpad US, Launchpad EU, and the RCI device replacement. These prototypes were used by upper management to gain acceptance for future work and drive the direction for the product suite.

Lead UX Developer, Vehicle Management, 2013-2014

Acted as the lead UX developer for the Vehicle Management team. Developed the Airport Storefront application that was used by upper management to communicate direction for our mobile products. Designed and developed prototypes and high-fidelity mockups for our branch mobility suite including mOpen, mReturn, mAuth, Airport Complete, and mDashboard applications. Modernized our design toolset by introducing the Sketch tool.

Lead Interaction Designer, Rental Experience Group, 2011-2013

Acted as the lead interaction designer for the Rental Experience Group. Produced a hi-fi Android prototype to assist in the adoption of the rental tablet application. Led contextual inquiries, stakeholder interviews, and focus groups to design a style guide and hi-fi prototype for the Odyssey Branch Replacement application, a Point of Sale transaction system for our branch offices. Designed and prototyped a gaming-inspired dashboard to help motivate employees. Upon seeing it, the VP of Airport Rental Operations said it was a $40M idea. Designed a Customer Dashboard to simplify Call Center activities. Call Center Management commented that the design could save them 2 seconds per call and reduce training from 30 days to under a week.

Lead Front-end Developer, User Experience Group (UEG), 2007-2011

Acted as the primary front-end developer for the ARMS Suite of applications—ARMS Web, ARMS Auto, and ARMS Dealership. Led an effort to re-skin and refactor the front-end tier of ARMS Web and ARMS Auto. After the first year, 60% of the pages had been refactored yielding a 40% bandwidth reduction per page. Developed the first release of Integrated the UEG team into the ARMS environment and drove acceptance for our team's best practices by presenting in ARMS Education Day and ARMS Education hour. Led a monthly team collaboration meeting among UEG, Product Managers, Business Analysts, Architects, and Project Managers to generate new ideas and build consensus for upcoming UI enhancements. Met with the Quality Assurance team on a monthly basis to reduce the number of defects and strengthen the relationship between the two teams. Awarded the Above & Beyond award in May, 2008.

Senior Front-end Developer, UEG, 2004-2007

Acted as the primary front-end developer for the Vehicle Management suite of applications—EVMS North America, EVMS Europe, and CSR. Designed and developed two high profile projects in the suite. Both projects were delivered on time and featured CSS based layouts, a first for large applications at Enterprise. Championed the introduction and successful implementation of Ajax technologies into the suite. Gained a broad level of experience by developing the first release of Enterprise Rent-A-Truck, our consumer facing site for the brand. Within UEG, drove adoption of a template based approach to front-end development which significantly reduced the CSS footprint and development time for new products. Built a library of reusable UI components and worked through my team members to integrate the library into our everyday workflow.

Software Engineer, 2002-2004

Acted as the primary developer for the Foliotek product—a web-based, portfolio application targeted at higher education. Designed and developed the UI, middle-tier, and back-end of the application. Provided support to end users. Met regularly with product administrators of Missouri universities to discuss new features and configure the system to meet their school's needs.


  • BS Computer Science, University of Missouri—Columbia, May 2002
  • MBA, University of Missouri—St. Louis, May 2009
  • Certificate in Human Computer Interaction, University of Missouri S&T, completed Dec 2013
  • Certificate in Advanced Android Development—April 2019