Introducing Profit Apps

By Matthew Smith — Mon, 19 Oct 2020 — Permanent Link


Earlier this year, I started to get really into the Shopify ecosystem.  They were in the tech news regularly and I really liked that they were trying to solve real problems for small businesses.  So, I created a partner account and set out to build my first Shopify app.  Fast forward nine months, and my partner and I are ready to release our first two apps:  Profit Pages and Profit Pix.   You can read more about them on our product website at

With these two apps, we wanted to focus on bringing a little fun and creativity to the Shopify platform.  The Shopify platform is quite robust and solves a ton of operational problems.  However, I feel like it falls a little short in delivering a creative, imaginative way to build your company's storefront.  With Profit Pages and Profit Pix, we aim to fill that gap by creating an amazing way to deliver imaginative and fun content to Shopify stores.

For the details on how we are attempting to solve this problem, feel free to follow along with the Profit Apps Blog.  There are already some cool posts on how we are improving the SEO and Animation experience within Shopify to delivery quality content.  We have a ton more product talk coming in the next few months.    So, stay tuned.

My personal blog will not focus on product. Rather, it will focus on the technical and architectural decisions that went into creating and maintaining Profit Apps.  It is actually really cool story.  I cannot wait to tell it.  So, please stay tuned over the next few months as I dive into the following topics:

  • How to build a Shopify app to scale
  • How to build a Shopify app using AWS serverless infrastructure
  • How to build and deploy a serverless Shopify app using AWS SAM and Cloud 9
  • The benefits of a stock JavaScript app in a React/Angular world
  • ...and, much more

This is just a start.  Follow me on Twitter as we talk about the world of Shopify, Serverless, AWS and more.