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Learn how we improved Big Bend Woods discoverability by improving its code to work better on mobile devices.

Better code, better results

The Big Bend Woods pool had an amazing design and slick branding, but it loaded really, really (really!) slow.  The problem was that the website was built using Wordpress.  Wordpress is good for starter websites because it is easy to learn and install.  But, it quickly becomes a burden when you want to optimize for speed and discoverability.  

To improve the Big Bend Woods website, we removed Wordpress completely and replaced it with Fixture, our home grown content management system carefully crafted for speed.  The benefits were clear:

  • The site loads faster.
  • The site is mobile friendly.
  • And, it performs better in Google searches!

The last one might be a little surprising.  But, we found by having code that focuses on mobility and speed, we were able to improve search position for terms including the pool website.  We believe this is because Google prioritizes fast, mobile first sites in its algorithms.

Max Power Wash Case Study

Code does matter

Whether you are using Shopify, Wordpress, or Fixture, you need to make sure your site is optimized for speed.  It is no longer just good enough to have your site adjust to fit in a mobile browser, your site needs to have code optimized to be ultra fast.  Great code yields a better user experience for your customers and also performs better in search!