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Fixture at fixture.app


For all the websites I build, I recommend using Fixture.  I recommend Fixture because not only is it an amazing tool to build websites, but also because I built it.  I felt the market lacked a tool that not only embraced the latest in cloud technology but was also mindful that most users of the solution will not have a tech background.

Make it easy, make it yours.

Have you tried to build a website with the popular DIY builders?  It is like trying to choose a treat in the candy aisle.  There are a ton of choices, but none of them match exactly what you want.  That is why Fixture lets you build your theme right from the home page.  You pick and choose the design for each portion of the site.  So, if you want a Snickers with a Starburst, then you can have it.  Fixture makes it easy and it makes it yours.

Not only does Fixture give you choices but it also teaches you about the thought process behind each section of the site as you go.   This is an awesome way to learn about your site as your build it.

Max Power Wash Case Study
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Keep it fun.

The one thing I really wanted Fixture to be is fun.  I did not want building a website to be a chore.  Rather, I wanted to be able to quickly update parts of my site and be able to visualize how it is going to come out.  Fixture has an amazing visual editor with 100s of beautiful, hand-crafted widgets ready to go.  You can literally hit the plus button a few times and have a beautiful page ready to publish.

I personally believe that from when you first arrive on the homepage to when you publish your first site, you will love using Fixture.  It is fast, fun, and just a great way to build a website.