Powering a Small Business

Max Power Wash at maxpowerwash.com


I have known Steve Machirin for a few years now.  When he set out to create a new home washing business, I wanted to help him get started with an amazing website.  He came well prepared for our first meeting with a lot of content and ideas of what he wanted to look like.  For my part, I was prepared as well, providing him with my proven strategy to get results from a service website.

Getting Results from a Service Website

Think back to the last time you went to a service provider's website.  What was your mindset and what were you looking for?  I think most people have 4 questions.

  1. Can he/she do the job?
  2. Have they been successful at doing it in the past?
  3. Can I trust them?
  4. What is the cost?

A successful website will quickly and confidently answer these 4 questions.  For Max Power Wash, we created a goal oriented design to tackle these questions.

  1. We established trust by placing the "100% satisfaction guaranteed" statement in the banner along with Steve's phone number for easy access.
  2. In the hero and subsequent section,  we identified the result "a beautiful home is just a wash away" and outlined the types of services he provides. 
  3. We then offered social proof in the form of Angie's List and Home Advisor reviews from real customers.  We then followed that up with some background on Steve.  
  4. We then provided a dramatic before-and-after sliding widget to show a home before and after his service is performed.
  5. Finally, we included pricing right in the main navigation.

Potential customers of the site now know exactly what Steve does, how well he does it, and can get in touch immediately to book an appointment. 

Max Power Wash Case Study

Driving Traffic via Search and Social

Establishing a brand on the Internet is not as easy as it use to be.  There are so many websites created every day and there is so much noise that it is tough to gain and maintain potential customer's attention.  For a small business, it is important to start small and build from there.  We recommend the following steps.

  1.  The most import advice I can give is to just get your website up.  Even if you have a simple 1 page site, it is important that you establish your web property and start building your online reputation.
  2. Don't overpay.  A lot of new companies tend to overpay for the design upfront hoping that will drive business.  When in reality, you should start small with a minimum viable solution and then invest more over time as your business grows to support it. 
  3. Link to your site from everywhere.  Now that you have a site, you can start advertising everywhere: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Media, etc.  As you build inbound links, your traffic numbers rise and you will begin to see results in search as well.
  4. Analyze and adapt.

For Max Power Wash, we got the site up fast and made sure we followed a proven pattern to get results.  We created pages for each area of opportunity for his business and matched these to search trends using Google Trends.  I then setup Google Analytics and Facebook "OG" tags to ensure the site would display well on social.   Steve and his wife have been active on Social and have already gotten a number of new leads for his business.

Own your Marketplace

Like the mall's of the 80s, small businesses thrive when they are part of a marketplace.  With the advent of the Internet, success is still driven by marketplaces.  For service professionals, there is Angie's List, Facebook, and Home Advisors.  For coders (like myself) there is upwork and fiverr.  Your goal should be to own your marketplace.  Provide a crisp logo, the best photos, the best reviews, the most professional estimates, and have the best website.  If you own your marketplace, you are guaranteed a great flow of traffic and business.

For Max Power Wash, I provided Steve with high quality assets and built a professional level website.  This allows him to differentiate from his competitors and own his marketplace.