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Ted Norwood came to me having already tried his luck at one of the popular DIY website builders.  He had a design and his content sorted out.  However, the website builder made the site slow and it didn't really match his vision:  a simple site with clear content.  I worked with him to take his vision and make it a reality.

Custom Mailchimp Integration

Ted was gaining more business and he wanted an easy button for managing new leads.  So, I developed a custom Mailchimp integration that fit naturally into his site and submitted lead data directly to his Mailchimp audience list.  This reduced the tedious step of converting lead data into mail list data and got him a solution that would work with his business.

Using tools such as Mailchimp to build and communicate with your audience during lead generation and after the sale is a key aspect of any modern marketing strategy.  As your business grows, I  can help you build this strategy and mold it to meet the needs of your growing business.  Not only can I integrate these solutions directly into your site but I can also develop custom email and text message automations to ensure that your communication strategy matches your business goals. 

Norwood Disability