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Ted Norwood came to me having already tried his luck at one of the popular DIY website builders.  He had his content sorted out and had a really nice layout established.  However, the website builder made the site slow and it didn't really match his vision:  a simple site with clear content.  I worked with him to take his vision and make it a reality.

Defining your Vision

One thing that was clear to me was that Ted had a vision for his website.  However, it did not fit into a pre-defined theme and it did not mesh well with the limitations of a DIY website builder.  When defining your own vision, it is helpful to use an existing tool you are familiar with to communicate with your designer.  I have seen this done remarkably well in Word, Powerpoint, and even on paper. 

I think it is very important for you to define your vision early on in the project. A good designer will listen to your vision and fit it into a framework that is proven to convert the goals of your business.  For Norwood disability, Ted's vision was a clean website that provided an easy way for client's to learn and get in touch.  So, I made his site as simple as possible and included a contact form on every page.  This was consistent with his vision and matched the site's goals.

Norwood Disability