Superpowering Shopify Websites

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Profit Pages is an amazing page builder built for Shopify.   I built Profit Pages to help businesses of all sizes take their Shopify website to the next level using a robust set of widgets and themes.

Making Shopify Fun and Creative!

Shopify provides its customers with an amazing platform to sell products that features deep integrations with shipping providers, credit card processors, and more.  It empowers small businesses across the globe.  While efficient, you wouldn't exactly call the process fun and creative.  

With Profit Pages, we put fun and creativity into building content for your site.  We think that by making it easy to create beautiful pages, you will love doing it and those pages will in turn serve your customers better.  That is how Profit Pages makes Shopify fun and creative.

How do we do this?

  • Give you beautiful themes (or starting points) for each of your pages.
  • Make it easy to edit, style, and position content within your page.
  • Provide amazing widgets to spark your creative juices.
  • Finally, we keep it simple!
Max Power Wash Case Study

Make building your sites fun!

Whether you are using Shopify, Wordress, or one my apps, you need to make building content part of your weekly routine.   Building content will make your site more engaging and informative to your audience.  One of the keys to this is choosing a tool that makes it fun.  If you get a creative rush every time you build a new page, you will want to do it more.